Live Resin vs. Liquid Diamonds: How the Magic Works

Live Resin vs. Liquid Diamonds: How the Magic Works

March 31, 2024 0 By Emma Julie

People who work with cannabis products hear the terms “Live Resin” and “Liquid Diamonds” a lot. They may sound fancy, but they’re just different ways to make weed that is very concentrated. ¬†Using live resin or liquid diamonds is like catching the spirit of a cannabis plant that has just been picked. The plant is frozen right after it is picked, and the cannabinoids and oils are then taken out of the frozen plant. Compared to other extraction methods, this one keeps more of the plant’s natural tastes and smells. Let’s explore these samples and find out what makes them special.

How to Make Live Resin

Getting the cannabis plant is the first step in making Live Resin. As soon as it is picked, it is frozen to keep it fresh. Then, solvents like butane or propane are used to pull out the marijuana and oils during an extraction process. Lastly, any chemicals that are still in the extract are sucked out to make sure it is safe.

What Do Liquid Diamonds Mean?

What about Liquid Diamonds? They are a type of Live Resin that is known for having a solid structure. “Diamonds” are the solid THCA that forms in the Live Resin extract. THCA is the chemical that makes THC. The terpene-rich sauce that these diamonds are floating in makes the product look beautiful.

The Way Liquid Diamonds Are Made

Liquid Diamonds are made by putting the Live Resin through a special process known as “diamond mining.” To do this, the Live Resin has to be left to separate and harden over time, generally in a controlled temperature and pressure environment. The end result is a concentrate that floats in a sauce of terpenes and has clear crystalline structures.

How to Choose Between Liquid Diamonds and Live Resin

It really comes down to personal taste when it comes to picking between Live Resin and Liquid Diamonds. Live Resin could be the right choice for you if you like a lot of different tastes and smells. Liquid Diamonds, on the other hand, might be the best choice if you want a concentrate that looks great and is very strong.

The live resin or liquid diamonds are both interesting products that show how flexible and complex weed can be. In the world of cannabis extracts, there is something for everyone, from the rich tastes of Live Resin to the beautiful looks of Liquid Diamonds.